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VnA Kanika Mehendi Set
The Perfect Mehendi Experience

The Mehendi event is a celebration of life and an extremely intimate moment for the two families involved. The event is always a fun and casual affair that celebrates the union of the two families. Traditionally in Punjab, the mehndi event has been synonymous with the singing of Punjabi Tappe. The lyrics are celebratory, uplifting and etched in culture making it a popular attraction for both the younger and older guests. 


VnA collaborates with the singer Kanika Malhotra to create a Punjabi Tappe set that is a fresh and unique take on the traditional art form. Kanika delivers the lyrics in the traditional way while being accompanied by VnA’s signature instrumentation and soundscapes. Complete with traditional dhol-based rhythm arrangements, the set is a perfect balance of traditional and contemporary musical forms that will keep the mood jovial and will encourage guests to dance and sing along!

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