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VnA With Adityan + Pavitra_edited.jpg

VnA Retro Fusion Set
Your Wedding Cocktail Event

Sing along to your favourite songs from the years gone by and make fond
memories with your loved ones through music. This set features Adityan Nair
and Pavithra Chari on vocals and delivers a mix of up-tempo tunes performed
with the signature VnA production style. A perfect blend of jovial retro numbers
and vibrant electronica, this set will get everyone on the dancefloor!

Retro songs are evergreen and are enjoyed by both the younger and older
generation. VnA breathes new life into many timeless classics by adding
contemporary instrumentation, electronic sounds and a high-energy live
performance. The retro set keeps spirits high and encourages guests to sing,
dance and remain engaged even from the comfort of their own tables.

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